All Mechatronic PC-systems are implemented in highest quality with the experience since 1986.

Only within the range of automobile service devices e.g. like wheel alignment, tire test, wheel balancing, exhaust test, brake test and chassis tester have been manufactured already over 50.000 computers.

The industrial computers are prepared for all usual operating systems and for all languages world-wide.

The appropriate keyboards can be supplied in the respective national language and when desired also with a special dust and splash-water protective plastic film.

Also with the choice of the housing, the customer can select according to his requirements. All computers can be ordered as a Black box, 19" - Housings or as a Standard PC (Desktop or Minitower) .

The design of the respective computer depends thereby individually on the product requirement specifications of the customer.

Of course we manufacture and produce after the usual industrial standards and under the quality system ISO 9001.

The Microsoft-Windows-Systems are examined and provided with the quality seal of Microsoft WHQL "Designed for Windows".